Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The two ferments are blended

With both the stainless steel and the dustbin ferments reaching 995 on the specific gravity meter (the indication that the sugar is pretty much gone and the alcohol is there), the two were 'blended' yesterday.

The dustbin ferment (including its five oak chips) was tipped into the variable capacity tank to spend some time on lees. Now it's a question of waiting and stirring and tasting.

In the meantime, I ran some tests on the wine at a nearby winery. The pH is at a healthy 3.27 (pretty much exactly how I wanted it) although I am slightly worried that the stainless ferment was harvested a little early and is, in winetasting parlance, a little 'linear'. I'm hoping time on lees and the riper dustbin ferment will balance and round it out.

A free sulphur test (see Jekyll & Hyde-type lab picture above) put the sulphur at 16ppm (parts per million). A little on the low side. To bring it up to around 30ppm, 4.5g of potassium metabisulphate was added. Hopefully that should help keep the oxidation away.

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