Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Racking the gross lees

After a long day in Galicia helping process a couple of tons of Mencia and tasting some pre- and post-ferment Godello, I returned to the village. Tired, but ready to go with the racking of the gross lees.

So as the sun sunk behind the short oak trees of the Sayago in the east, I donned the headtorch, grabbed a small pipe, and sauntered to the little bodega.

Luckily, it seems fermentation has not started. Using gravity, a bit of dry ice for carbon dioxide, and the tube, I siphoned off the best part of 80 litres before hitting the cloudy stuff.

Tip the goo away, rinse out the tank and bucket the juice back into the tank, using a household sieve to remove any pips, etc. that made it through the first stage. Now, I have a nice liquid resembling that of pineapple juice.

And tomorrow, the measurements begin.

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