Monday, 8 February 2010

Wine on YouTube - a roundup

This is a slight departure from the usual wine news roundup. Not a great deal has been happening below the headlines and even I'm getting bored from being serious all the time. So:

  • A very English bloke, in a very English kitchen, makes wine from Coca-Cola. One might assume that Coke, having sugar levels at about eiswein level, would probably not need chaptalisation. Wrong. After rectifying the acid levels and fermenting it with bread yeast - yes, bread yeast - there comes the tasting. Discussions about stuck ferments below the video might have missed the point...

  • A classic from Fry and Laurie. Do not watch if you are a wine merchant.

  • Hmmmm, Sparkling Shiraz...

  • The Beatles visit a French winery and Ringo almost ruins the harvest (which is not saved by an Indian summer, but by Paul MacCartney's vocals). Very instructive.

  • One from AbFab. Not overly amusing until Eddy says 'someone's stolen the steering wheel'.

  • Warning: not for the easily-offended Borat attends a wine tasting in the USA.
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