Monday, 11 January 2010

The wine news roundup

Sometimes, there's a run on wine stories. When this coincides with a lack of mental energy on my part, this is what you get. I cobble together a blog of wine articles and passing comments. It's quite simple, and I can do it while the kettle boils. Some Mondays are better than others.

So here are some of the articles you might have missed in the last few days:

  • Paul Hodgins (gosh, that’s the picture of a man to be taken seriously) of the Napa Valley Register bases a whole article on a visit to a wine shop (looks like he did the same last week). Good work, if you can get it.

  • The Times says the Majestic (UK wine retailer) chief exec is an adventurous rogue for having a zip-wire in his own railway cutting. So he owns a railway cutting and looks like a German student duellist of the 19th century. Fair enough.

  • Mrs. Robinson gushes over Spain, and name-drops El Bulli. Luckily, she’s still alive after eating some sausages with a glass of Spanish Riesling – which is only available in Spain, Germany and Holland. NB Jancis: your average CityWire reader will not know what to do with Total Acidity and pH readings.

  • Penfolds get a massive plug in the Irish Times at the weekend (‘being big is not always a bad thing’). Not only that, the Australian wine company sweeps the board in the newspaper’s Bottles of the week section. Well done there.

  • While I’m not wholly enamoured of her above article, Mrs. Robinson produces the only other contender for Best article with her excellent piece in the FT on Spanish whites, Viura and Macabeo.

  • But Best article goes to last week’s Richmond Times Dispatch [sic] for its piece on the cold snap being positive for Virginia winemakers while the state’s poultry farmers suffer in the chill. Genius.

  • Worst article is handed to SFGate. While the content is relatively interesting (despite echoing many points heard in the host of ‘wine world prediction’ articles we’ve been getting lately), the author gets a sharp smack on the wrist for attempting to get the word ‘Teens’ (to describe the new decade) into usage. The term ‘naughties’ for the last decade was stupid enough, but I will begin to make threats of physical violence if ‘the teens’ starts to find its way into journalism.

  • And lastly the Foster’s Daily Democrat proves that, while laudable, the eco-friendly drive verges on the surreal. Jackson Family Wines will be recycling the water it uses to clean out its barrels and tanks (if anyone has any suggestions as to what they might do with that water, please let me, and the rest of the world, know), while Cade winery’s insulation is made from old jeans and its tasting table from the hull of a submarine. Indeed.
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    At 15 January 2010 15:01 , Blogger Tobias Ø said...

    I thought the intended term was the 'noughties' and not the 'naughties'. Seriously? Agreed, 'teens' is awful, but that's a bit rough on Bonné for an otherwise quite ok article.

    Thanks for the roundup.

    At 16 January 2010 07:56 , Blogger Oliver Styles said...

    Tobias - indeed you are right. I must have been foaming at the mouth so much I wasn't paying attention. Slapped wrist for yours truly!

    At 16 January 2010 13:11 , Blogger Tobias Ø said...

    That's ok. A small relief they aren't pushing for 'the naughties'.


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